PADI IDC Bali instructor's testimonials.

The best decision I've made in 2012 was to enroll in the July IDC with SF Chong. SF Chong is the best course director I've ever met, even before IDC start. He was the one who encouraged me to continue my education. I have a million thanks for his patience and encouragement in helping and guiding me throughout the course. I've gained knowledge, skills and understanding the standards during IDC with him. I will surely continue my education with him. Huge thanks to my mentor SF Chong for my success!


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Yee Ven Shim
Open Water Scuba Instructor
IDC July 2012

Yee Ven Shim



"We graduated a week ago (November 2011) in Bali and are about to get a job now but before we start teach we would like to thank our great staff. Our Course Director SF Chong has been very efficient and professional during the whole IDC and IE and even now he is helping us to find a job. We really understood what a "Mentor" is and couldn't expect more from him"


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Marine Prat and Florent Marmounier
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors

Marine Prat




"I absolutely have no words to express how grateful I am, but I'll try. The way he teaches, the way he conducts the course, the way he treats each candidate as an individual and makes all, not only candidates, but a big team. This man knows all about the standards and shows how easy it is to follow them. He makes everything simple. I can tell that I learned much more than I expected in the IDC. SF Chong is not only my Course Director, he's my PADI Idol! He is one of the guys responsible for my love and respect for PADI and diving. He made me a great professional and I want to be to others, what he is to me".


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Simone Tomazela

IDC July 2012
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors




"I was working as a DM in Bali, I love my job but I was wondering if I should continue on to be an instructor. I had many doubts with my dive skills and English language ability. I was then recommended to meet your members S.F Chong and Made Suwena since they have taught many Asians (whose English wasn't their main language) and so I did. They encouraged me to continue my education. They told me that English is not the main reason to be a good instructor, but the ability to teach is.


With their encouragement, I then decided to join the IDC and now I'm a very happy PADI OWSI. I was extremely pleased with their IDC program, especially their ability to explain dive theories, standards and teaching skills, in simple language that is easily understood by me. Right now I am very happy to tell you that there are 8
Indonesian IDC candidates following my footsteps. I would like to congratulate PADI for having 2 very dedicated members in your association. Huge thanks to S. F Chong and Made Suwena for my success."


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Mariza Adelina
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor




I'd like to make you aware of my experience during the IDC/I.E in November/December 2009.


SF Chong directed the IDC I attended at bs Bali in Nov/Dec just gone. Chong is so professional, so dedicated, encouraging, supportive, influential, knowledgeable and above all... he is quite a laugh.

He kept the course stress free by advising that candidates should complete their assignments in the classroom that evening before they left for the night, in order that if they needed any help, assistance or guidance, then he would be there to meet that need.


He was always the first to arrive in the morning, and the last to leave in the evening. Always putting the candidates before himself when it came to lunch, quite often going without himself.

He treated us all as Instructors from day one and always said "good morning or good evening instructor...Mark" or whatever the other candidates name was.


I for one, feel absolutely privileged to have been on his course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend his direction and tuition to anybody that's looking to complete their IDC, or for any other PADI tuition.

Chong mentioned TEC a few times... often in jest, but deep down I know he has a passion for it, ... and...well.... I may just be tempted....


I was extremely happy with my scores in the practical application - confined water presentation, open water presentation, rescue skill 7 demonstration, classroom presentation and in the written theory and standards exams too; whilst I appreciate that I had to perform on the day myself, Chong played a massive part in that from his encouragement, words of wisdom and overall patience; for me it kinda felt that I was doing it for him as well as doing it for myself.


A well deserved round of applause and three cheers for Chong.


Thank you.

Mark Booth
PADI OWSI # 644027

Mark Booth



"I have no words to express my gratitude to both SF Chong and Made Suwena, they have bought me to a new world of teaching. Not forgetting becoming a better diver and to pass on my knowledge to new divers and fellow instructors, divemaster etc..I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank you to both for the effort and hard work making be a better diver and a great instructor to students to enjoy, learn diving without stress but fun and joy"


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Koh Leong San

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Koh leon San





Hello Chong,


How are you? Long time no speak. I hope all is going well in Malaysia & Bali, I guess you are still instructing instructors!


We met November 2008 in Bali, when Adrian and I came from Qatar to do our IDC+IE, remember?

It was a very fun course, with Rahim, Nour, Meysam & 2 Iranian guys, Andy the crazy English guy, Simon from Malaysia, and Masako from Japan. It was a lot of work but we all loved it, and most of us have kept in touch… I have to thank you once more for creating such a great atmosphere for both fun and learning in a very professional way: impeccably conducted course!!....


Thank very much, I hope you're well

Kind regards,
Danae Jiménez




Hi Chong,

Many Thanks for a great / high quality IDC.


You prepared us well and put a lot of work, effort, heart, and soul into the lessons and programs.

I appreciate how you went above and beyond expectations and supported us every step of the way.

You made/make the IE very easy for us... "Bring it on"


In short:


Bill Jordan

Bill Jordan



Many thanks Chong - you did such a GOOD JOB! During the last three weeks I learned a lot...


Artur Ekert




Chong i just want to say thank you for everything, you are a great CD! Thank you for the extra hours you put in to help me.


Lee Cannon

Lee Canon



I feel I am speaking for many of us who Chong taught. This been for his commitment to the PADI system, the teaching and instruction he gave us for just under 3weeks including, specialty instructor training. Any question however stupid was explained, and Chong's knowledge of PADI standards is truly outstanding, this was tested many times during the IDC!


There were many occasions I saw Chong late at night for a explanation of Physics which for some reason would just not click! After many hours of persistence I finally felt knowledgeable and achieved what I thought was a unobtainable mark only a couple of days previously in the physics paper during the IE. I was not the only one there were many occasions during the IDC where I saw Chong explaining problems late at night to fellow candidates.


Chong is truly a credit to PADI, not only because of his full PADI wardrobe! But because of the role model he is to every PADI member he meets, this been both in knowledge, attitude and understanding towards the PADI system.

I am proud to have been taught by Chong and hope to quickly climb thought the Padi professional ratings, starting with getting 25 certifications to achieve Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and from then who knows!


Terence Evitt




Hey Chong,


I didn't get to say bye before I left - in a mad rush running late as usual! I just wanted to say thanks for everything. The IDC was so much fun! I learnt so many new things - not only about diving! Haha.


I will be sure to recommend you as a course director to any potential instructors I meet in my travels.


See you on the flip side.







Dear Chong:


I arrived to Australia, everything still the same here. The weather have been so bad the last 3 days, plenty of rain and so windy, so no work at the moment.


I´m already missing Bali. I just writte to tell that you did the IDC incredible, fun, you made it possible that we met each other, that we works as a team.


I learned every day, I learned about diving skills, PADI, how to teach, etc. But I learned as well that the best thing that we can give every day and for everyone is a big smile, and the best thing is that is free. Thanks for making amazing the last 20 days


Keep in touch.






Hello Chong.


How are you? I got it finally. I can join CDTC (Course Director Training Course) in 2010.

So thank you very much for your help during 3 years. After SI course at AU, only 1 time join IDC at Viet Nam.

All my IDC Staffing experience is with you and I learnt many things from you, skill, knowledge, talk, how to conduct, etc...


So my goal is to be like you CD.

Thank you very much!!


See you.

Course Director Takayuki Matsumoto




Dear Chong


Your support has made my dream come true. Your staff instructor has become a PADI Course Director now.

I could never have reached this goal without your support and advice.


I would strongly recommend you to any one who is willing to progress and whom wanted to develop their professional careers.


Course Director Mohamed r bagherian





I recently did my staff instructor course with platinum course director SF Chong. This man is so dedicated to his job, so passionate, so knowledgeable, that to me he is more profit than pundit. I witnessed many occasions he stayed until late at night to assist IDC candidates, he was always the first one to arrive and the DC and the last to leave. He teaches students not only for exams, but also for life.


He is a role model, he is truly a credit to PADI (Professional, Attitude, Devotion, Instructive) all in one man, Chong


Parham Khoshbakht




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